Saturday, February 27, 2010

Snow day round two and bad cat

We had Friday off as a second snow day, woohoo. So what did I do?

I went out and purchased a money order for my rent; we can't pay in cash or a check so that's a pain in the rear every month. After the bank I went to a local store for some new Easy Spirit sneakers. I treated myself to two pairs of new sneaks but when I got home I noticed I bought a whole size larger than the 6 and a halfs I already own. I'm not sure if I should keep the bigger ones or go back and try the other size. Oh what a dilemma! (Insert loud snort here.)

I had a great workout on Friday with another hour of major boxing, some dancing, and lots of sweat. As gross as it sounds, I like the feeling of sweat rolling down my neck while I am running or punching the sand bags. Those endorphins are a free med that I don't need a co-pay for amongst my regular pharmaceuticals.

I like the feel of the flab moving around as I dance and jog and throw hooks. In my own convoluted head, I believe that the more the flab gets shaken up, the more it will deteriorate and leave my overweight body. I know it doesn't quite work like that but it helps me to keep moving it. A year ago I was such a mess. Now I feel like I have come such a long way, being able to move so much and feel so free. This is a good place to be.

As far as the bad cat goes, Edison has taken up chewing up cables on the back of my computer. I have a desk top so that brings forth some problems. He has one cable almost chewed all the way through. It's kind of pizzing me off. He's not supposed to be doing that and yet he is. I caught him chewing today and sprayed him about 8 times with the spray bottle. I also wacked him when I caught him chewing tonight. Neither thing seems to be doing any good. The computer is not up against a wall; it's against a heater so I can't push it back too far.

Any ideas on my kitty issue?

Saturday was tax day for me and I look forward to my returns coming soon. I also grocery shopped, read and napped. No exercise today; it's a day off. My arms are sore but a good, healthy sore. Back to it tomorrow.

I have MS but I'm not letting it control me now!


Webster said...

If you have a PetsMart in your area, ask if they carry covers for cords that will solve just this problem.

Sorry, I don't remember the HTML for a link. You can just copy and paste it. Then mail order it!

imascatterbrain said...

Some cats I know seem to think that the spray is just like taking the game to the next level, like "now we're cooking!"
Phone wires are also tasty, plus so funny if the Two-legger gets tripped up!

try this one?

My newest exercise is dancing to Lady Gaga videos, almost poetic how dissimilar we must look?