Sunday, February 21, 2010

What's up?

I know I have been gone for a long time, over a month, and you probably gave up on me. Here I am though. SURPRISE!

Things have been going so well for me that I just haven't had anything to whine or kvetch about so I have been staying away. For me, no news on here has been good news.

MS-wise I have been doing fantastic, no relapses, no new symptoms. I'm going to have new MRIs scheduled sometime in the near future to see what Tysabri has been doing to my lesions, if anything. All I know is that a year ago I was out of work due to my MS and depression and now I am moving along swimmingly. Work hasn't been a total dream but this is my best year in a long time. Thud, thud! (That was the sound of me knocking on wood, or rather particle board.)

I am done with therapy after nine plus years and I feel so free not having to go in for my tune-ups once a month. I miss my therapist only in the way that we became more like friends by the time my therapy was done. I am still taking my depression meds, along with the rest of them, and I am doing well with that.

Work is good, emotions are stable, and my MS is not really in the forefront of my mind. I have started to do some positive work for myself on the health front. I bought the Just Dance Wii game after Christmas and started dancing several nights a week with it. Then a friend suggested Wii's Gold's Gym Cardio Boxing and I added that in to me exercise repotoire. I have now gone down two pants' sizes just by dancing and boxing and having fun.

Go me!

I haven't changed my eating habits but the exercise, and it is exercise, has been such a wonderful accoutrement to my quiet life. The boxing gets out any frustrations and I have fun throwing those hooks. I jump rope and run and box and then throw in the dancing. I get sweaty and the endorphin high is great, after years of not doing much more than the Walk Away the Pounds DVDs which are just plain boring after a while. I love moving my body around and seeing changes.

Things with my family are going well. My sister is now in Afghanistan and my brother is staying in Germany. My parents are holding their own health-wise. Edison kitty has been declawed and fixed and has all his shots. He seems to adore me and likes to sit or lay across me whenever possible.

Things are going well for me. I hope the same for you in your world. :)


~Erin~ said...

~Awesome~ that you are doing so well! Pat yourself on the shoulder.

I love my Just Dance. Did it again today with my daughter, but only for 2 songs. That seems to be all I can do right now. I will get better though!!

Webster said...

Congrats on the two pants size reduction! Boxing and dancing - who knew? I'm afraid it's a little too late for me to attempt. If only there was a Wii five years ago! Alas.

Weeble Girl said...

Thanks for the positive thoughts, friends! The dancing and boxing are bringing such joy to my life and to my waistline!