Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The MS Walk and the Wii

Last year at this time I was out of work due to my MS and depression. This year I am signing up for, strike that, have already signed up for the National MS Society Walk on May 2nd. I'm going to walk for those who can't move it due to MS!

I have started a team called Weeble's Wobblers aka Team Weeble for short. I am doing my best to rope in my friends and colleagues to be part of this awesome team. I have a goal for our team of $1200 in donations. Just today I have received $150 in donations through Facebook. If you'd like to donate and we're Facebook friends, you can click on the link at the bottom left of my page and it will take you where you need to go to donate.

*Thanks BJM for being a part of my team!

As far as the Wii goes, I have lost 23 pounds since January when I started the Just Dance. I added in the Gold's Gym Cardio Boxing in February and that added a whole new dimension to the "shake up the fat" zone. The next thing I am going to do is add in Zumba DVDs to dance and shake my bountiful booty. I am actually enjoying moving my body, challenging it, and making it sweat. Maybe I will eventually hit my goal of running again! Woohoo, that's something to think about.

Tomorrow is also my Friday at work because Friday is a Tysabri day. That means I can go to McDonald's and get a Shamrock shake before the Ty. Yummo!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Weeble!
I joined up for the walk too and so far have raised $95.00. It's not much but every bit helps. My youngest son and I are going to do the walk...hopefully. I still haven't seen the doc, and the pain I feel is so intense that it hurts just to think about it sometimes. I am battling the depression so hard right now, sometimes I feel that I have to remind myself of my beautiful family and how much they need me. I just got some news...going to be a gramma November. That's a trip to Alberta (my daughter lives by Red Deer). She's hoping for a too! I am debating right now on trying to find an easier job, or one that I am not at work at 4am! I don't want to loose the pension though.... ugh!!! I have met someone else with MS, and she looks great! She is full of energy and smiles a lot! I look at her and just makes me more depressed...oh to live even one day without the pain or to actually have the tingling and numbness gone out of my hands and feet would be a do you do it?????????