Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The big comfy bed and other tidbits...

I had a lovely time on Tuesday checking out the Hobby Lobby craft store. I even purchased some things for school: fabric for bulletin boards, border for the boards, some Rubik's cubes to stump the early finishers, a little teacher's plaque for my room, and two new display boards in light blue and purple. It just happened that everything I bought was for school; it certainly wasn't intentional.

After that we went to lunch and my friend paid the tab (How nice!) while I forced her to take some money for the tip. We had these great sandwiches at the Chicago Grill. They had turkey, bacon, and melted swiss on them and they were divine. The weather was also fully cooperative as it was a perfect time for me and my MS: 70s, sunny, and with a gentle breeze.

**Off topic ( not that there was one)**

Is anyone else besides me excited for Dan Brown's new novel to come out? September 14th or 15th I think is when it's expected to hit the shelves. I believe it's entitled "The Lost Symbol". I am so psyched that I may just run right out, or at least try and walk quickly, to the local bookstore to pick it up.

**Returning to my previous train of thought**

So Tuesday was a nice day with actual face time with a friend. I came home and took a nap with the wonder cat joining me on the big comfy bed. I kid you not when I type the big comfy bed because that is what I actually call it. It's a queen size bed for me and one feline. When I first got hired at the job I currently have I went out and bought two pieces of furniture- a couch and a bed.

When I had first left my wasband I had no furniture except a kitchen table and some chairs. I also had a computer, a TV, my clothes and some other whatnots that were actually mine. Other than that, I had nada. I first slept on the floor and watched TV with my kitchen chair. Thankfully, my trusty friend BJM and her sister-in-law helped move my pathetic amount of belongings and they brought me stuff to use like a couch and a bed. I will be forever grateful to them for that.

But when I knew I was going to be paid a real salary instead of the paltry Catholic school wages I was making, I had to go buy me some furniture. I picked out a couch rather quickly. I sat on all the ones I liked, bypassing the butt ugly one my wasband had bought, and found one that was girly and comfortable. The sleigh bed frame came second in my purchases. Then it was mattress time. I tried out mattresses for about 45 minutes narrowing the crop down to the final and winning mattress. I'd just walk from one to the others and push on them and then climb up on them and lay down. I feel that I have picked out the right one for me, not too hard or soft, and it has served me well for nine years now.

When I say I love my bed, I mean it. I spend a lot of time sleeping, reading, and napping on it. If my bed was a man, I'd marry him. I know he'd be a perfect fit.

PS: I simply must go to work tomorrow to unpack and start to organize my classroom. I was a total lollygagger today and slept and read until almost 1 p.m. I must get my body up when the alarm goes off. I'll let you know how that goes.


JENNY said...

I love Hobby Lobby. We just got one in our area and my friend brought me there. Totally wasn't what I expected but I LOVED it. I also love my bed. I have a king size but I have three dogs that are in it EVERY time I am. I hope you have a great school year. I love reading your blog.

Heather said...

When is your first day with students? Ours is the day after Labor Day. What grade do you teach? Good luck to you!

Weeble Girl said...


We have meetings on Tuesday after Labor Day and kiddos come on Weds. I teach fifth graders in a middle school setting.

Hope you have a good year!

Thanks for reading!