Saturday, September 5, 2009

The last hurrah

It's almost time to start work for real. Meetings start on Tuesday and kiddos come on Wednesday of next week. There's no turning back now!

I worked on my room on Thursday by myself, unpacking lots of boxes. Then on Friday I worked with a coworker/friend from 9-2:30 and we got the room into school-worthy shape. The new room looks great and clean. My SMART board isn't hooked up to the projector so I haven't been able to play with it yet. I really hope I can do some of that on Tuesday.

If I say so myself, the room is really ready for kids to come in. I have a few things left to do like put up some fabric on a small bulletin board and putting name tags on desks and the classroom door. I do not have any major bulletin boards in the room and none outside my room. That means a lot less upkeep for me. I guess the end room does have some advantages!

I have done the shopping at Wal-Mart and purchased a lot of crayons, scissors, white board markers, pens, and writing paper. I have purchased no folders or notebooks yet. I'll see what the kids need when they get there and go out and buy them after. I did buy a football for the kids and a new kickball. I also bought two Rubik's cubes and a go fish game. I am on the lookout for more Sudoku and word search books. I already have lots of books for free reading and silent reading in the room.

My eating has been fairly decent until today when I sabotaged myself by not eating breakfast and then going shopping at Wal-Mart during lunch time while I was buying food for back to school. That was a not so smart move. I came home and fell face first into Combos and Ho-Hos.

I think I may go to the fruit stand tomorrow and buy some more apples and corn. I need my fiber! I have also discovered that I like an apple called Paula Red. I am breaking out of my Macintosh rut.

So this is my last hurrah, the last weekend before work really starts. I hope all the teachers out there are enjoying this long weekend, especially those who have been back to work already.

Wish me luck!


Webster said...

Oh man, I can't remember the last time I had a HoHo! I don't dare buy a box of them. I liked them better than Ding Dongs, or (heaven forbid) Twinkies. BTW, What are Combos?

Weeble Girl said...


Combos are these tubular pretzels with a pizza tasting cheese in the middle. I don't have them often but when I do, I go through the bag like I am eating M&Ms.