Monday, September 7, 2009

< than 48 hours

Anyone remember that the symbol < means less than in math? If you do then good for you. I have less than 48 hours before I really start teaching again. Yikes! I was so nervous last night but I did a tiny amount of prep work today so I am feeling a little calmer.

I typed up a new class list, a new schedule, a word search with everyone's name on it, and printed out our classroom rules. I still need to go through the September folders to see what else might be useful for the first day and first week.

I am also calmer because I had a nice nap today after getting out to the grocery store and buying a little bag of delicious Paula Reds. Yummo. I also got some milk so I can have my cereal, blueberry muffin shredded mini-wheats, for breakfast.

Tomorrow is meetings and last minute room preparations. Wednesday is the really early real deal with students and everything.

Argggggggggggh! (Charlie Brown yell there to get the nervousness out.)

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Anonymous said...

sounds like you're ready to go ... wishing you all the best!
- Chalknpens