Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Vacation, baby

It's finally here, summer vacation. The last time I wrote I was sharing my send-off message to my homeroom and now there are all gone, tossed to the wind in all directions on vacations, some moving, some staying home and (gasp) actually missing school.

I am missing the routine and my work friends but I am loving sleeping in and I'm doing a rather spectacular job of it, if I say so myself. Last night I logged about twelve hours and then I still squeezed in a few more naps.

So what is on my agenda? I did go to a card making extravaganza on Monday and got my hair cut and coiffed today. I am thinking about maybe getting a pedicure tomorrow and I have an hour massage scheduled for Thursday. Not bad for the first week off, huh?

I have made a dent in the kitchen cleaning needs area but there is still much more to be done there and everywhere else in my place. I also need to get my flex plan stuff all set to be mailed in. I have a few copies yet to be made and then I will have a little more summer money in my pocket. Extra money is always good...

One thing I need to do more of is check my glucose levels and get serious about my diabetes. My MS seems to be well under control but I just checked my glucose level and it was 364! That is way too high for anyone, let alone a diabetic.

I also need to do some more writing (and lots of reading for complete pleasure). Ah vacation is a wondrous time, filled with endless possibilities and time for cleaning my humble abode.

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Nicole said...

Sounds like you have a plate full.