Monday, June 20, 2011

And then there were four...

Four more days until two months of freedom. Four more days, people.

Tomorrow is the last full day with kiddos and we will be outside all day in the hot sun. I am so NOT looking forward to that. In the summer I enjoy the sun early in the morning waking me up, but I am not a sun worshipper. I am more of a close the drapes and turn up the fan kind of girl. Yessiree, that is me to a T!

I have a hat packed and sunscreen and water and a chair to sit outside in so I can watch the little urchins play the hearts out at kickball.

I do NOT want to sit outside all day tomorrow; did I mention that already?

It is going to be hot and there is no shade.

We are going to be out there all day.

I even have to eat lunch with them and I just want that time so I can sit at a table inside, away from the sun. Away from the sun!!!!

I will, however, suck it up and do it. Why? Because I am the teacher and that is what I do.

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Nicole said...

So how do you feel about the sun? No, just kidding. I too dread the sun. It can draw all the energy right out of me.