Monday, June 13, 2011

Tough times...?

It's almost the end of the school year and I am hoping for a big change for myself for the upcoming year. Well, maybe not a BIG change but a change nonetheless. I'm not sure if things will go the way I am hoping and I'm not even sure when I may find this all out but I am trying to send vibes out there into the universe in my favor.

I know one shouldn't be selfish but sometimes you want something and you know that you can do well at it if you're just given the opportunity. So Mr. Opportunity, I am knocking at your door and hoping for some good news.

Last year around this time I was given a huge curve ball; I was forced to change grades after I was pretty darned certain that I was staying at the same grade level to teach Social Studies. I felt like I had been kicked in the teeth because they brought in two new people from the other building to teach at the grade level I was leaving. It still stings to this day but I dealt with it and moved on.

Two weeks of school left and then it's vacation. I may not have an answer for a while yet or perhaps I'll get one tomorrow. Either way I am hoping for some end to this limbo.

Happy June, folks.


Webster said...

Oh my, what's this? A cliffhanger? I'm waiting...

I hope it's good news for you.

jski343 said...

I have read through a good chunk of your blog today. I have enjoyed it. Today is my first day if summer vacation, even though I have to go back in tomorrow and next Tuesday to finish up paperwork and some organizing /cleaning. This is the first year, in 15 years, I've had to go back in. MS fatigue hit me hard this year.
I am crossing my fingers for you that things with out in your favor. Having that hang over your head certainly can't be easy. I plan to check back to see how it turns out. Good luck with the last days of school.