Thursday, February 3, 2011

Happy February

Yesterday was not only Groundhog Day but, more importantly, it was a SNOW day for me. I was able to do some napping, loads of cleaning which my apartment needed, some beef stew making in the crock pot, and I made tons of Valentine's Day cards. That's my new non-caloric obsession: card making.

On Saturday I went to a scrapbooking get-together and made cards there. Then I started up with more cards on Tuesday night and continued that into snow day Wednesday. I have probably made upwards of some twenty cards for my valentine friends. I delivered most of them today and I still forgot some friends so more cards await in my future.

I had a Stampin' Up! card party at my good pal, BJM's house last week. (I had it there because my place is so little and there's not enough table space.) It was so much fun because we had a great demonstrator who even asked me to join her team! I said no for now but perhaps in the future it might be something I would consider. It was also a great time to order things because with every $50 spent you could choose something free from a variety of goodies. Then there were the free hostess gifts and just my regular ordering of new stamps and inks and such.

I have to admit I spent more than I normally would on myself but I don't do a whole lot of spending on *me*. I don't wear makeup (gasp) or wear fancy clothes. I don't travel anymore and I stay close to home, especially now with the winter weather. So in my mind, I figure that I deserve to get more goodies for myself. I have also justified some spending on stamps and such because I am making thank you cards for those who donate money, goods, or services to my MS Walk team.

Speaking/Typing of the MS Walk, we have (as a team) raised $750 to date and I am almost at $500 for my individual fundraising. I'd like to raise 3K this year which is a few hundred dollars more than last year. I'd also like to see the size of our team grow to include at least one male and more friends overall. I have high hopes for our team this year and I plan to do something different with our raffle baskets to get more money and more people buying tickets. My mind is awash with money-making ideas.

I hope this message finds you in good spirits. The sun came out today so I find myself feeling extra-cheery after not seeing it for several days. I do love a snow day but I like some sunshine as well.

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Laina Molaski said...

Hi there. I didn't see contact info and I wanted to let you know I am feeding your blog into mine as a rss. I have a blog, book, and iPhone app coming out called The MS Project, to raise awareness for MS. I hope you stop by. or my site