Friday, February 25, 2011

Adieu to you, February

My gosh, I have been away for almost the entire month. At least for this last week I have a solid excuse. I have a confirmed case of the flu! I guess I started getting sick last Saturday, slowly but surely and it ballooned until I was a coughing, hacking mess with a nasty fever and other bodily woes.

I had my Tysabri infusion on Tuesday morning even though I felt like a sad sack. We all knew I was sick but I didn't know just how sick I was. I probably should not have had the infusion that day but I just thought I had a bad cold then. I mean, I have MS and I generally don't get sick too often because of that highly functioning immune system.

The question everyone wants to know is did I get the flu shot?


I always, always, always get the flu shot either at work or at the doctor's office but I just somehow missed it this year. I signed up too late at work to get it and then my Dad died in November and I kind of fell apart for a while.

So I am on Tamiflu and an antibiotic and an inhaler to deal with my chest gunk. This is on top of the plethora of meds I take on a daily basis for MS and diabetes. I am getting tired of pills, but they are making me feel better. Hooray for that.

In other, more delightful, news:

1.) My A1C level has dropped from a 7.5 to a 6.7! This is somehow miraculous because I have NOT been testing my blood sugars regularly and my med regimen has not been all that regimented since my Dad died. (I know it's time to take my life back and test, test, test and watch what I eat and actually start dancing and exercising again.) I think my Dad sprinkled some fairy dust from Heaven into my blood during the draw the other afternoon. There's just no other reasonable and feasible explanation.

2.) I have a new part-time job. I joined Stampin' Up! as a demonstrator after first saying no to it, then pondering it, and finally jumping in with both feet. My first official workshop should be in about 2 weeks, well after I get un-flued! I'm looking forward to it.

3.) My mid-winter break is coming to an end but I am thankful that I have good health insurance, a great doctor, access to decent meds, and time off to recover. Thankfully, (knocking on particle board here) my MS has not acted up.

That's about it for February!

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Jazzie Casas said...

Most of my family are diabetic and I feel likely to be one.. How could I avoid not passing this hereditary thing to my kids?

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