Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Did I do it yet?

I'm seven hits away from my future new milestone as I type this. I wish I could give a prize away to the person that puts me over into the next spot for place value. Consider this an imaginary set of concert tickets to the concert of your choice, no holds barred.

Today my little expelled unruly came in to take his math final. At first he wouldn't do anything. Then he took out his pink highlighter and colored in some of the front page. Eventually he wrote my name with the word fagot (sic) misspelled on the front page. (Hey, at least he wrote my name, right?) Then he answered one question with his pink highlighter near the end of the test incorrectly. He spent the rest of the final taking time making water drop noises with his mouth which was super helpful to the people who were actually taking the test.

As an aside, he did me a favor and left me with one less paper to correct. I'm always looking on the bright side, aren't I?

Thanks for reading my drivel. I do hope to actually write something of importance here soon for you. Consider me an under construction site!


Lisa Emrich said...

Hey, Weebs. I see that you made it!!

Anonymous said...

Weebs, you are a Blog Star!
Good for you, and for all of us who read this great blog.

Jen said...


Denver Refashionista said...

Freakin' kids. I would like to strangle him for you. I often think about strangling children. Is that wrong (LOL)? I'm sure you know I'm kidding but boy do some of them drive me nuts. Thank goodness for summer break.