Thursday, July 5, 2012

Waiting and praying...

I looked at a second house on Tuesday and then went back to look at it again on Wednesday (yep, the 4th of July) with some friends and my mom.  Everyone liked it, but I especially liked it, so I put in a purchase offer this morning.

The realtor called me back a little while ago and someone else is putting in an offer today as well so now I have to sweat it out until tonight when the seller chooses an offer or rejects both offers.

I am hoping that he chooses me, of course, but patience is a virtue.  So here I go to practice that as I wait for a phone call this evening...

The house is fairly new, built in 1996, basically one floor-living except for the washer and dryer in the super clean basement, and it has a nice yard.  It's close to work but in a whole new place for me to live.  I'm up for the adventure though!

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Shelburne Pet Services said...

I hope you get the house. I am keeping my fingers crossed for you. I also have MS. I think you are brave and strong. Keeping plugging away.