Saturday, November 12, 2011


First off I had a three-day weekend and Friday was just a glorious, albeit cold, windy and wintry day. I ran some errands and spoiled myself by purchasing the latest Just Dance 3 game for the Wii.

Tonight I broke that bad boy out of the wrapper and spent over an hour dancing to the songs on it. My favorite song is called "Boom" and it's done by Reggaeton. I liked it so much that I played that dance three times.

Working out always makes me feel better but I am so utterly lazy that I can go months with doing nothing other than just existing. Sigh, sometimes having a roommate might be a good thing because they could force me into doing something more often. When I was in college if my roommate went to the gym, then I had to go to the gym also. It was just something I did. I couldn't let her get more fit than I was. I had to keep up.

Fast forward almost twenty years and I am the size of two adult women put together. I need to start doing something and keep it up. I hope I can remember what a delightful pick-me-up this evening was as I danced my pants off!

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Miss Chris said...

What a great way to exercise! I may have to try that. :)