Saturday, December 12, 2009

Edison kitty

I *know* I haven't been updating the blog as I should but I have been busy being a kitty mom again. I adopted a two and a half month old kitten two weeks ago. His name is Edison. He is keeping me running from sunup to sundown.

We've been to the vet for our first series of shots. He has been treated for fleas and come out flea-free on the other end. He is three and a half pounds of cuteness with incredibly sharp claws.

INCREDIBLY sharp claws!

My legs are still trying to heal from all the claw marks from him scaling me like I am our seven and a half foot tall Christmas tree. I have to admit he is cute but those claws placed on my skin have caused me to curse every now and then.

He is darned cute in the tree even though he isn't supposed to be in it. Sometimes he just climbs it to sit amongst the branches. Most of the time he's knocking the ornaments out and I just pile them up instead of replacing them on the tree. Needless to say, our tree is looking a little pathetic now.

I talk to Edison about his big brother from another mother Franklin. I have a strong feeling that Franklin led me to Edison because I always talked to Franklin about how cute he must have been as a kitten. I had adopted Franklin as a two and a half year old cat so I missed kittenhood then. Now I am more than making up for that.

Edison also does this one-eyed wink that Franklin used to do. Even more reason to believe in Franklin's help from above.

That's all I feel like writing for now. Thank you for so many of your kind comments on here and on Facebook.

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Jen said...

OMG--- he looks like my Sandycat! Enjoy!