Friday, November 13, 2009

My miracle!

If you read yesterday's post then you know about my little pal, Franklin. Today I was supposed to put him down at 9:30.

There was a miracle! Praise be to the powers above.

I received a call from the vet at 8:46 p.m. last evening. It went to my voice mail because I was on the phone and I abhor call waiting. I got the message after nine when they close. I tried to call the vet's office anyway and the doctor answered.

She suggested we try chemotherapy on Franklin to extend his life instead of ending his life. We talked about it and I agreed to give it a try.

What a difference a day makes! Franklin is now home and napping at the top of the stairs. He purred the whole way home in the car and does so anytime I am near him. I am so happy that we may have the opportunity to be together for a little longer.

We still have to battle with pills three times a day but I can handle that. It takes love and patience, something I have for my wonder cat.

PS: Thanks for the messages on yesterday's post. They brought me comfort.

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Lanette said...

Weebs! Good News! I'm glad to hear the doctor thinks chemo may be worth a try! I wish you both the best! *hugs*