Friday, September 2, 2011

August Schmaugust

A few people have asked what happened to me. Well, I was card making and reading and napping. Then I also had to go in to work for some professional development and I needed to get my classroom ready. It's ready!

I am very excited to go back to work even though it means the end of sleeping in and summer. It's been cooler lately and I have been loving it. Life, in short, is good.

I'm still working on getting the diabetes under control but I am taking all my meds and checking my blood sugar.

I have had some tough times with the loss of a co-worker/friend who passed away unexpectedly. I got through it, though. It reminded me of the recent loss of my Dad and that brought up a lot of different feelings.

On a completely other plane, I splurged and got myself a Miche classic base and six shells. I am also having a Miche purse party at the end of the month at my house. Call me crazy...

My birthday is coming at the end of the month and I will be 41. That seems like an old number but I still feel young so I am going with that.

Back to school on Tuesday with kiddos and resting, relaxing, and maybe a manicure and a movie in there before we start back up again. Again, life is GOOD!

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Cathy said...

enjoy your first day back to school !!