Thursday, June 24, 2010

It's been a month...

It's been a month since I've last posted but today is a good day. You see, today is the last day of school and I am now on vacation.

I promise more will follow soon because I will have the time to write and I need to spend part of my days doing something productive. Something more productive than just sleeping, that is.

My MS is still under control and I made it through the year with no relapses. Yay, go me. Thanks body for working with me and not against me this year.

There are lots of changes coming in the new academic year but I'll write more about that soon.

Weebs :)


Anonymous said...

I've missed your postings, and am lhappy to know that we've both made it through another school year. I have three to go ... still on my feet, still have odd pains in ribs, weak vision in one eye, poor balance ... I downplay it as much as possible. Those who work closest to me know ... parents and kids don't.

Every year for the past twwenty years we've always had a teacher or two in our building with cancer ... they undergo treatment, reduce work hours, relapse, resign, continue treatment, until their end, which is usually shortly after resignation.

My troubles are small in comparison. I also have some in my family with cancer ... their condition creates quite a stir, their treatments are discussed openly, and I am saddened for them but feel even less willing to discuss MS with them ... nor do they seem to want to know about MS ... it's all about cancer.

I ask myself, am I looking for that attention? No, I want to keep it from my students. Are my immediately coworkers and immediate family supportive? You bet, and I tell myself it's enough.

But there are some days, rare days, admittedly, that I wish someone would innocently say "I just read about MS, and never knew what it took for you to show up every day and do as well as you always do."

So I want to say that to you, Weebs. I am impressed with all you have handled and are handling.

I am confident that we will go on as good teachers do.


Weeble Girl said...


I always smile when I see your "name". I wish you the best summer and some relaxation and rest. Hoping your next three years fly by with you as healthy as possible.

Hugs (but not the MS kind),